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On our products page, you will find a wide range of rubber stamps, including traditional rubber stamps and self-inking rubber stamps. We offer various sizes and designs to cater to your diverse stamping needs. Additionally, we provide custom services to ensure you get a personalized stamping solution. Please visit our products page to explore more about our extensive range of stamp products.

All Self-Inking Stamps And Wooden Stamps

Retangular Stamps

Model Size Artwork Szie
CSI-20 18 mm x 47 mm 15 mm x 44mm
CSI-30 22 mm x 58 mm 27 mm x 66 mm
SI-40 38 mm x 75 mm 35 mm x 75 mm
CSI-45 25 mm x 82 mm 22 mm x79 mm
SI-50 40 mm x 60 mm 35 mm x72 mm
Pocket Stanp 16 mm x 39 mm 13 mm x 36 mm

Circlar Stamps

Model Size Artwork Szie
Max circle 1 24 mm x 24 mm 21mm x 21mm
Max circle 2 37 mm x 37 mm 34 mm x 34 mm
Max circle 3 40mm x 40 mm 37 mm x 37 mm
Max circle 4 50 mm x 50 mm 47 mm x 47mm


Model Size Artwork Szie
A 30mm x 30mm 27mm x 27mm
B 30mm x 45mm 27mm x 42mm
C 42mm x 42mm 39mm x 39mm
D 40mm x 60mm 37mm x 57mm

Square Stamps

Model Size Artwork Szie
Max square 41mm x 41mm 39mm x 39mm
Traditional wooden stamp : common size in mm.

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